Perfectly Imperfect



Perfectly Imperfect

I look in the mirror And what do I see?

I see an imperfect girl staring back at me.

Many flaws do I have, I hate looking at my face,

There are many better girls that could take my place.


I take 100 selfies,

There is not one I like.

All I see are imperfections,

God, I hate myself.


I don’t feel pretty unless I’m wearing a ton of makeup.

I feel myself needing a wakeup

My eyes are finally opened,

My heart is no longer broken


I am perfectly imperfect, though I have many flaws.

I don’t need to look like “her” to get your applause.

My imperfections are worth more than your perfection

Because I am me, and I am fine with my complexion.


I don’t need filters on my photos,

To feel beautiful or get your affection.

If you don’t like the real me, you can hit the road.

I am beautiful in my own way, there is nothing more you can say.

I love my flaws more than ever

They make me who I am,

And who I am is beautiful.

I am perfectly imperfect.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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