Perfectly Broken

Perfectly graceful on the surface

They're all fascinated with my sweet face

But I'm tired of keeping up with this pace

It's always a competition or an intense race


Since the day I stepped into this world

All the ones that surrounded me were so cold

But as I grew up and grew old

I became stronger, I became bold


But soon... it all began to make sense

I tried and was able to jump that fence

And althought at times I still felt tense

My heart was full of love, it was so dense 


Busy.. motivated... smart

"She's good at everything! Even art!"

But no one sees my broken heart

They all see what I show... not the hidden part


I was taught to be strong and smile through it all

Even when the season is sad.. and it's Fall

And with the weight of the world on my shoulders, I still stand tall

I can never let them all in, there will always be a wall 


They won't know about half the battles I fight

They took away daddy's job.. It wasn't right

But I was still able to see the light

And all those strangers thought my life was bright


I was constantly in a tough spot

I had to check my accont twice each time something i bought

But I fought and fought and fought....

Life was my best teacher and what lessons it taught!


Breaking under the pressure of life...

And I could no longer bear to be his wife...

So I decided to live for today... not the afterlife

Because I learned that our closest ones stab us in the back with a knife


Perfectly graceful on the surface...

But they'll never know the secrets that hide behind my face...



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