Perfection of My Imperfections

Everyone one has a talent tucked away, so why should I boast of my strengths?

Rather, let me consider my weakness, I'll study their beauty at length.


First failing I see is my wordiness,I speak without an end in sight,

But through this fault I have found my new dream; my desire is now to write. 


Next thing I see is my timidity, I can't bear to speak to strangers.

Since my fears stop me from judging others, I can listen without anger. 


I always blindly trust what people say, and though some may call me naive,

This trust helps me not to question God's words, and instead to simply believe.


I have many faults that I didn't list, Its obivous I'm broken.

But I have learned from the stories I've heard, God loves us for what is within.


God sees me as flawless with all of my flaws. Through our weaknesses His strength is shown.

Through the cracks in our rocky foundation, the tree of a strong faith is grown.






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