The "Perfect" System

The ritual is the same.

Wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, do your hair. There’s hardly any change.

Doesn’t it ever get lame?

Leave your house at seven and get on the school bus.

Looking out the window thinking about the things that you’ll discuss.

You struggle to stay awake because of the homework you had last night.

Constant panic attacks worrying if you did it right.

The bell rings loud and you sit down in class.

Terrified of all the things the teacher might think to ask.

When did this become such a difficult task?

Remember when school was fun? It’s where you went to play.

Remember when that’s where you didn’t mind spending most of your day.

But today’s system is messed up and it really makes me wonder,

When did my identity as an individual suddenly turn into a number?

My name is written down. Last name first, first name last.

It’s kinda sad to say that my understanding is irrelevant as long as I pass.

And even as a girl, it’s harder than you’d imagine,

It seems to me, everything I do is considered a distraction.

From the things I wear, to the way I speak or make any noise.

Covered by the constant excuse that “Boys will be Boys”.

But of course it’s MY fault. I was the one who broke HIS concentration

At my school, the length of my skirt is more important than my education.

Teachers, professors, educators, administration when will you realize?

In today’s school, rather than flourish, this is where our passions die.

There’s a bigger number students walking around with more hurt and cuts.

Because we have the constant reminder that we aren’t good enough.

Awards for better grades given to certain individuals instead.

Little things like that are what get into our heads.


Do I sound crazy? I feel like I sound nuts… But hopefully, you’ll agree.

I believe my learning is not for a number, but it’s for me.

Schools in today’s society are such a disappointment.

Students have no motivation because we find no enjoyment.

I think I speak for everyone, and its time to protest.

We need to learn for ourselves, not standardized test.

Some of us aren’t test takers, it limits what we know.

You’re giving us tests based on principles taught centuries ago.

Schools are focused more on their own wealth.

Telling students that their grades are more important than their mental health.

Educators, right now, it’s your turn to listen.

It’s time for you to see that this is our time being risen.

We don’t need a grade, a number, or a state issued test

To be the one to tell us what we know best.

This amazing school system is flawed and even better said

You have no idea what we are capable of yet.

If you take away the number, the ID’s and our names.

You will notice that with our own talents, we’re all the same.

In conclusion, we don’t give about your beautiful reputation.

And we are the voice of this new generation.




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Ruth Smith

Beautiful. I agree 100%. The public education system is on downward spiral isn't it? It has been for so long...


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