Perfect Praise

 " Hello, do you hear me, can you hear me ? Do you see me down here ?   I'm worshipping and praising your name". I know deep down inside my praise is in vain. Sometime I feel like I'm going insane. I tried to smile and laugh my way into church and praise your holy name even though my heart is hurt. I still try to find out what I'm worth. I'm the worst, I know it, I can't trust myself because I'm scared of me. I can't trust you either so how will I break free. My heart is sick,afflicted,conflicted and yeah I know I did it. Prefect Praise, I try to give you. When truth be told I'm in a daze and not even near you, I can't hear you. I feel connected to something (Sin maybe) but I'm disconnected from you and you from me, so we hang up and try again. The phone you have reached has been disobiendient, selfish, and broke. I wonder do you still call me friend. I'm a mess but here I am giving you perfect praise.  I love you jesus I worship and adore you just want to tell you Lord I love you more than anything. I love you jesus but I worship my and adore my flesh, I just want to tell you I'm sorry, I try over and over again but I can't leave this flesh party but yet I celebrate you and at the same time I hate myself and you. I don't love you more than this fornication, backsliding baptisting sin, I rise up only to come back down again. I give you my perfect praise. Behind closed doors I don't praise, worship, or acknowledge you but I want people to think that I have knowledge of you. I'm sick and I know your the cure to my disease/diseases. Satan, I cry leave me alon, let me go, I want to be free. Unleash me. I want to give God my perfect praise. As crooked as I am, I know a man that's straight and will straighten me out without a doubt. He will and can bring me out. He doesn't have a spot or a wrinkle. Despite the fact that I'm filthy and nasty, he still loves me and is always thinking of me. I'm beautifully broken in his eyes so it doesn't what I've done or been through. He is mine and I am his and no matter I will continue to give him me. Who AM I ? Well I'm his perfect praise.

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