Perfect Mistakes


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I'm ready to float away on a cloud
and let the wind blow me away
and stop me when I'm where I belong.
I wanna get away, get away, get away
and push away the fact that I'm human
because apparently I can't make mistakes.
I'm done with the words
The Condemnation
The so-called perfection that people blame on me.
Why can't I be
the spitting image of normality?
Why does it take so much work to be me
when being someone else seems so incredibly easy.
Maybe not easy, but easier
easier than living up to the pedestal I'm placed on.
That's why I "can do no wrong".
I wanna take a day
where I close my eyes and float away
and let my dreams run around
and soak up the freedom of being a human.
A new man because woman is too planned.
Being a man is about expecting the unexpected.
Being a man is being unplanned
Being a woman is having everything in the palm of your hand
Wanting power over something that isn't yours
Now that's a woman.
Life is made on mistakes.
You can't plan a mistake
Don't regret that you are made of your mistakes
Just remember that who you are is not your mistakes
The mistakes I've made
are locked away
and keep me away from being myself every single day
I don't know what I'm made of
but my mistakes were made in the dark
only seen by who can see the impossible
They know that it's possible
for me to slip up
they know I'm human.
I'm human, right? I'm human.
Remind me again of what I am
because that word is new to my tongue
and fresh to my lips
Is there a possibility that I don't deserve this rope of perfection
I never thought I did
That's why I never cared enough to live up to it
Don't get me wrong I wanna be close
I wanna say I got as far as I could go
sometimes I just don't see fit to aim higher though
Am I wrong?
for thinking that humanity isn't as strong as the facades they put on
to prove their imperfection because they love to make mistakes
but regret the person they've become
Well lucky them, because sometimes I'm ashamed of the person I am.
But now and then
I play pretend
and put on a face of a happy end
and hope that mends
the sorrow.
There are those times where I fasten in
the facade I'm in
and get lost in the fake
until people awake, awake, awake
and open their eyes to the mask in front of them
so I won't have to play pretend
and get caught in the lie I'm in
but maybe they won't care
because I do it all for them.
So in the end, I lose and you win
because my individuality is hidden
and I join you to play pretend
that this world is where I stand
holding it all in my hand
and destroying it in my mind
because I can never find time to do it for real
Because I'm too busy being Perfect.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

amazing poem
being someone else takes away your true identity as an individual
be who you are-life is about making mistakes
you live and learn, thats how you grow
great job in expressing yourself
keep writing my brother


Aww! Yay! thanks so much :D

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