Perfect Imperfect Me


This needs to stop

The overwhelming need for the perfect image is about to pop

And whether it concerns:

females or males, teens or adults, and anyone we all have heard

This simply needs to stop.


In the world today, we are all so focused in the psychological mind path of being perfect

Yet that is ironic because there is no being that is indeed perfect.

All the social craze about thigh gaps, toned arms, legs, and abs

We don’t realize that this craze is:

abnormally, freakishly, dangerously problematic


We may idolize models, celebrities, and even animations

But they are all a part of our figmentation

They seem so perfect, yet they are not.

For behind the image of the perfect Barbie, Victoria Secret model, or  flawless actor-

They wear a mask which is their ruling factor


We look up to them and there is praise

Yet in reality they will faze

Normal- certainly they are not

It seems we have just forgot


All around the world we see

We long and pray to be

In this world, our society

We must seize and conquer

To be who we really are meant to be


Not an image, ideology, or a doll

We should just be our

Perfect Imperfect Me


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