The "Perfect" Family


From the outside they see a hardworking businessman, a wife that seems like she was plucked from the 1950's and a teenager full of bliss and happiness, but no one knows what happens when the doors close.

A man who doesn't come home most nights, who barely knows his own child.

A wife who has strayed from her husband from lack of affection and love at home.

Temptation had taken over her body and she no longer worried about when the businessman came home.

A teenager, who gets bullied at school, then comes home to an empty house.

And goes to the cabinet and drinks until the liquid fills her body and she becomes numb to all pain and emotion.

The next day the family appears at a party, the hardworking businessman, the 1950's housewife and the blissfully happy teenager.

To society the “perfect” family.




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