place your phone in the air get that angle right 

comb your hair, go outside to get the perfect light 
Take one or even twelve it doesn't matter, you'll delete them all
Go and take more until you get one that leaves you in awe 
But It's still not all that great, its a little rough  
What edit tool to use, what filter
this decisions's tough 
Especially when you never feel like you're good enough
Editing yourself, warp your chin
Go on and make it slim 
Add some blush then after that go fix your grin
Post the photo up, do you feel good
Get a hundred likes, like you think you should 
But is it really you? Is this how you feel?
When you post a photo up and it's not even that real? 
You're beautiful inside and out
Put a smile on, don't you ever pout
There's no need to change your complexion 
Darling You already grab everyone's attention
Go outside, let them see
That no one in this world could hurt your self-esteem 


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