Up. Down. Smile. Frown. 

This is a lesson

On- manic depression

You may be in college, yet you still lack knowledge

This is a game. You and I are not the same

There is the speculator and there is the modulator

We operate on the same field. I am simply a player

My position. The conveyer

With out articulation, there is only speculation

When im manic, I feel botanic, fuck it, I’ll swim the atlantic

Im like the titantic, I feel gigantic.

When im manic, I feel like god, I am certainly not flawed

I will travel abroad, and the people, they will applaud

Then the devil begins to revel and I dishevel

My heart starts racing, my thoughts start pacing, the dealers start lacing

It culminates with devilish hypnosis, leaving me in a state of psychosis

The psychiatrists run god’s acre, and they happily use the act of mr. baker

I wish it could be reversed, but I am already submersed

After the ward, I call to the lord, I asked to be restored

But, the devil raises his sword, moving me toward

Depression, remember it’s up to his discretion

Now, it’s full steam ahead, I am quite literally glued to the bed

I am  alive, but I wish I were dead.

 I write my farewell, I am ready for hell

Time is moving like a gazelle, but I foretell, that soon me and the devil will dispel

 Depression, you will quell, and the devil, will expel

I feel an insurgency to earnestly escape absurdity

The devil will fall, he has lost this brawl

At first I will crawl, but then I will drive away like a uhaul

I hope you listen, because this has been a slow transition

This is an obstacle, but it is possible

With sobriety, medication, and healthy nutrition

You will escape, perdition. 


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