Perception: Everyone see's the world differently, but its how we act that will make them perceive us wisely.


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When you think of islam, what do you see? A group of women covered modestly. Dressed in cloth that covers the body. Men all smiling and hugging profoundly. Praying to the One and Only Almighty. Giving charity and helping our friends. This is the true meaning of a muslim. But open your eyes and look to the west. They see us muslims as the oppressed. People with no rights, values or respect. If only they knew then they wouldn't object. To our religion or our aspects. The way we pray is the way we talk. The prophet of allah was sent down to guide us. To Show us our rights and the way to justice. Islam had rights before any man. Muslim Woman had ownership before the women's movement began. Westerner's show peace with treaty's. Islam teaches us that peace is embedded within me. The way we talk and the way we stand. God is one and before any man. Life is a test & these concepts are our questions. To see if we comprehend and preach what we practice. To stand up for islam and show it off to the world. Show them that throwing bombs is not the way to be heard. Rather talk with serenity and be patient to our enemy. For they will see when they want to see. Guidance and freedom is indeed the key. Our God has given it to thee. So lets not try and take it from anybody. Islam itself represents peace. So we should present it in the way we speak. The way we talk and the way we greet. Maybe then these people will see. That islam is actually more free than what they choose to believe.


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