Peppermint Pine

I am not certain whether

it's the tinsel or lights,

but I do know

this is more

than just a tree.


Recently trimmed-

the winter green needles

still wet as if I had just

chopped it down

in the snow.


It smells strong-

the fresh pine aroma that

makes you think about family

and peppermint-hot-chocolate


The tree is missing something-

Presents! red and green, silver and gold,

Christmas joy wrapped up

in a small box.

The tree is devoid

of beautifully wrapped presents


But that’s alright

when the kids wake

the tree will over-flow

with presents and gifts

of candy and

toys made by “elves”.


The christmas tree

is my way to light the room

with feelings

of togetherness


So one more year

they can believe

in magic reindeer

and santa claus

Peppermint on pine.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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