Penny on the Track

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 20:01 -- shayymn


And she says to herself why am I not loved?

Why do my efforts go unnoticed to my "affectionee"? I never get noticed.

Her mind rambles with these thoughts like a train rushing on tracks. You can hear the driver pulling the horn to warn you the train is coming but only if she could get a horn so she can be warned when her "affectionee" gives her no notice.

She tries just to be loved and her tries all fall like dead flowers that haven't been watered in 3 weeks. Petals drop and so does she. She can't get up, far too weak, her warning far too late. Her "affectionee" far too gone and like petals, she falls.

Her efforts go unnoticed and she?

Just another bent, broken, unwanted penny on the track.


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