Pen and Paper

There is a rhyme and reason

A plan and a time

But, sometimes, nothing comes together

The words don't make sense

The lines become blurred

And I'm left to wonder what it's worth

It all started with a thought and dread

With a little too much time

I spent my childhood reading stories of knights and kings

And as I got older, of imaginary heartbeats

Thump Thump

I could hear it in my head

Could feel the passion in the pages

Edgar Allen Poe had only thought and dread

Yet it felt like a movie in my head

I'm not quite as good

The words don't come out right

And I'm not quite that good at rhyming

But when I despair

When my pen gets thrown, and my paper crumpled

I remember the heartbeat in the floorboards

Thump Thump

And I pick them up again

My pen and paper with thought and dread.

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