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Thu, 04/18/2013 - 20:39 -- csnell


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I touch my pen to the paper and take in a deep breath.
I feel like I'm about to create something breath-taking.
Now to others who put their eyes on it might feel differently.
"What is this?" "So weird." Their heads will be shaking.

To me it's this sacred process. It's flawless.
It puts things clearly there are so many profits.
You see I just need my pen.
I don't need prophets to pause this, to tell me how real God is I've got this.
Where you see a disorganized mess I see something to be harnessed.

If you still don't get it, if you just can't see, it's because you're lacking the key.
Maybe skipped a beat. Perhaps you're missing me.
If it's not of my mouth it might not sound how it's supposed to be.
Who am I kidding? This is probably something no one else will see.
The truth of it is I don't really care. I just need the confines of this paper to be me.

To write these wandering thoughts that I've thought so much.
Even if it's just me sitting here hoping to get in touch.
In touch with myself, or maybe discover something else.
Self-expression is a gorgeous gift so take advantage of it.

Now, I'm not sure but it could come as some help as I start defining myself.
Things are changing. I'm writing new chapters.
Wandering as I try to see what it is I'm after.

One thing I know is when inspiration hits me I will pick up this pen.
Turn a new page and I'll start again.
Start with this process, my brand new friend.
Only God knows what I'll have to say then.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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