Peer Pressured Drugs

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 13:57 -- latoyas


United States
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I sigh
I take a puff as I get high
My heads feels empty
My eyes feel heavy
I'm on a journey
Now I'm feeling squirmy
They said I would feel good
I tried and failed to get out of the hood
Now I'm floating
Up, up... I hear distant laughing
I vanish into thin air
Now silence is all I hear
The space is filled with my laugh
I feel a new kind of clean fresh out of the bath
I see a light
Now I'm filled with fright
I try to descend
But my body only lightens
A sudden feeling of realization hits me
I look down and I see a city
My city
I look closer and see a body
My body
I stare
There's an awkward connection that me and this body share
My body lays lifelessly on the ground
On a path to Heaven I am bound
Over my body my friends cry
Their tears shower me in the sky
They said I would feel good they lied
I was foolish to believe them for I have died


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