Peer Pressure


What am I doing?

Have I lost myself again?

Have I fallen victim to this imprisonment within?

What about my legacy?

Where will it all begin?

Have I made an impact?

Have I even started a dent?

Why go on now?

Is it really even worth it? 

Do well, but the praise, do I really even deserve it?

Grin and bear it, its what they say

Endure the pain, get over it

But lines are crossed

I can't hold on 

This whole facade is over with

I can't handle it

Society's denying me

I'm the outsider

Freedom of speech

But I just can't seem to shout louder

Why aren't they hearing me? 

Can't they clearly see

If no one reaches out to me 

That I'll be lost eternally

Discerningly I'm racing through life trying to find solutions

I put my faith into the bottle and other foolish dillusions

What am I doing? Running circles, my life is turning to ruins

I'm constantly pursuing the answer to this confusion

Am I losing? Am I winning?

These people around me are grinning

Are they enjoying my company or are they amused at my condition?

I'm slipping, but I can't stop now

I've got to prove it to the others that I can move with the crowd

Just one more shot

One more toke

One more shot

One more smoke

Just one more shot

One more toke

One more shot

One more smoke

This is peer pressure

I didn't think it would ever come to this

Turning to all these substances just to build my confidence 

But am I wrong for this?

It doesn't matter they're doing it so I have to go along with it

Is this what they expect of me?

Is this what I have to do just to keep them from rejecting me?

Have they accepted me? 

I just feel like everybody's having fun except for me

Recklessly I'm racing down the path that Satan's set for me

Talk about disaster, I'm the one who made the recipe

I try to talk to God but he's rejected me

I guess that means that everyone has lost respect for me

Precious child I've not rejected you

Only those with sober hearts and minds can accept the truth

Only I can free you from this prison

I hear your prayers but they're in vain if you don't take the time to listen

Your decisions need revision

Take a look at how you're living

When I created you this isn't the life I had envisioned

How can you call yourself a Christian

But reside inside this sin?

Make it now your mission

To reside inside of Him

But Lord it's going to take one more shot

One more toke

One more shot

One more smoke

Just one more shot

One more toke

One more shot

One more smoke 

Oh this is peer pressure





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