Peer Pressure

As I lay down on your bed

no thoughts running through my head as your lips press to my neck,

I never though that you would as something like that from me so soon.

the mere age of fourteen, yet their I am giving into peer pressure

my phone now has a password in fear of prying eyes.

my lips now used to the taste of the lies that slip out my mouth.

the anxiety in my chest that never seemed to fade or all the mornings I woke up sick with nerves. 

these are things that I will never get back, the last shred of my innocents gone.

all because I felt that I couldn't say no. 

that I sould be lucky that someone 'loves' me,

that if I don;t do this you will leave,

little did I know, that that isn't love.

that you do not have to do anything  that you don't want to.

just because everyone else is doing does not mean that you have too.

the only think that will make you happy is being yourself.

so forget everyone that are superficial 

the people who are supposed to eb with you on your journy will always be by your side. 

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