Peer Pressure

Go on

Do it

Come on

Almost there

Just a little further

Nearly, nearly

Go on, jump


Why is it

That adults don't know

What goes on under their noses?

Why their children are crying?

When it is made crystal clear?


Why is it

That peer pressure

Goes overlooked

Even when we warn you


If all your friends jumped off a cliff

Would you follow them



I wouldn’t



Its better to have no friends


It means they can't hurt you

Cant spit hateful words

Can't make fun of you

For something you didn't mean to do

Or say

Something that just happened

Without your brain

Getting involved


When I hear someone crying

I have a choice

Be nice



Some people

Some strange and hateful people

Choose not to be nice

To make fun

To tease and taunt


But not all peer pressure

Is so obvious

Is so hurtful


It could be as simple as

Not having something

A phone

A boyfriend

A vacation

A trip

When everyone around you

Has it

And they look at you as though

They are judging you

For not having it


But what if you don’t want it

If you want to stay at home

Be single

Be alone?


Not all peer pressure is teasing and taunting

But it hurts all the same

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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