Pearly Whites

I can analyze the dichotomy

Of good and evil

Light and dark

Life and death


Not one without the other

The ying to the yang

The extremes of both sides

Cliches so easy to analyze


I hold this split close

Internal struggles fight with my being

But every day of every year

I cannot identify the dichotmy in myself


Society at fault

I scream and cry

At the loss of a friend

That I am told to ignore


I smile and laugh

At my friend 

The pretty one

That I adore


I yell and argue

With my caretakers

The ones that are supposed to always be on my side

Not parents all the time


I see this in myself

I must cover up the bad

The bad is private

To be ashamed of


And yet

We don't see this fault

In everyone that walks 



We are taught 

To wear the mask

Of those pearly whites

Even when turmoil is ensuing


Prehaps it could fix

Societies fault

If we simply remembered

That we are all covering our private tears with a public smile


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