Peanut Butter Alcoholic


United States
38° 48' 41.0112" N, 121° 16' 26.6916" W

Peanut Butter Alcoholic

A grain of salt,
a deduction in capital,
strewn on the plains

Arapajo, grizzly bear,
Jews, Japs,
and rocking chairs

Dank wells of chemicals
woods full of timber
prisons of immigrants
who slept with your sisters

And who really minds?
if we all are saving!
Why quibble and queef?
about indigents slaving

in structures collapsing
that were not struck by planes
Just dock those ships
full of embroidered, posh, names

Send me a snapchat
fill up your tank
gun to an empty skull
drawing a blank

Second Amendment
first chance to strike!

Go ahead take my guns,
I’ll go fly a kite

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