A peaceful Island By Jane Shussa

I live in a country, 
Where it's said by many, 
To be a peaceful island,
And I can't deny that.



I sleep, I wake up,
Knowing that I am safe,
Safe from every chaos,
And all is well, I praise the Lord,
It is a new day.



But then I think,
How about those with different skin from mine,
And yet we are still the same? 
Are they safe as I claim to be? 
I ask myself if they can agree with many,
That they belong to the island of peace,
When their lives are being hunted,
Hunted day and night?



They live in fear,
Looking over their shoulders, 
The night can't seem to come to an end,
Worried sick,
They pray for the sun to raise again,
And when the light of the sun comes,
They still pray to be kept safe,
How could they agree for this country,
To be a peaceful island?



Tears keep watering my eyes,
I wonder: what happened to humanity? 
What happened to love thy neighbor as yourself? 
We may look different from one another,
And that's ok,
We all have right to life,
Regardless of our differences, 
Differences that make all of us unique,
Let us live, let us come together, 
And protect lives of people with albinism, 
Or others who are most vulnerable than us.



Together we can make this country,
A true island of peace,
Where each and every life matters equally.


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