Peace Of Mind

Mental stability is key
Will I be able to find me?
Find me a piece of mind
That won't make me lose my mind

Day to day I'm drowned in fantasies
Thinking that it can be, when it can't be
Will I find my piece of mind in time
Before I lose my shine
Being motivational and inspirational
To keep me on my grind

Will there be a time when I can..
Step outside of my mind
And get all the pieces align
To come back to my senses
Or am I just wishing

There will be a day
After I sit down and pray
When I find that piece of mind
It will keep everything in line
The key piece to my puzzle

To stop thinking thoughtless thoughts
That bring me down to the ground
But uplift me to become..
A better me

And in time I will find
The real me
The true me

One day I will almost be as wise
As the man up above
But I will have to give that time

I'm ready for my pieces of mind to align
So I can continue to shine

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Well put



I deeply resonate with this piece of art. Very true. 

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