The Peace that Doth Flee


When withing reach, yet out of grasp,

my arms yearning to hold her.

When looking back through all the past,

not quite knowing that it's over.

When present seems to flee from view,

when hearts begin to break,

When mine own spirit longs to fall,

it's had all it can take.

The shattered fragment of the one I was

slowly re-emerge.

They leer at me, they jeer at me,

begging, pleading for purge.

The man I am, he does not care,

he gives no second thought.

He only knows that which he wants,

forgetting what he's got.

And so he reaches out for her,

though another's name she wears.

I must protect him from the world,

for even me he scares.

A caged animal is bound to fight,

thus the stage is set.

I bear my teeth, I ready my stance,

This isn't over yet!

I'll fall again, yes, this I know,

battered by society.

This was never my fight to win,

but isn't it worth trying?

The heart so vies, so longs for her,

Why so feel this pain?

But rise against Caesar to take his bride?

History has shown the same.

Without mine sword, I'd feel at loss.

I feel I must still try.

No, perhaps another approach,

to make this battle mine.

Why must it be that I retreat,

stowed away like meats and grains.

My heart tucked in to some far off silo,

but the story's not the same.

I wear the name of friend with pride,

a role is known I play.

The mask shall cover the love I hide,

and this way I can stay.

But someday please, I beg of her,

turn against her King.

This selfish plea, my one utterance,

to make my life serene.

Until then, my pack I take,

another traveler on the road.

I shall care for who I can,

while I wait for her cry bold.

"I wish for him, my new love's token!"

Refering just to me.

"I loved him once and once again!"

herself be broken free.

Then run to me, my open arms,

wherever I have traveled.

Thus mending soft my broken heart,

restoring that which was unraveled.


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