Paying Off Student Debts Just for Propriety

Whenever I open up ISIS

That's the website for our finances

I see thousands of due charges


It seems cruel for them to do this

When all I've ever wanted to do is

Become a doctor to help these dufasses


It's true I've always wanted to be a gator

And I love UF so I won't be a hater

But still this doesn't seem fair


Graduated high school with an above six GPA

But still the only money in my pocket today

Is from the Bright Futures' lottery


And even Bright Futures is slacking

Paying 100% in years passing

And now 33% is all they're financing


It doesn't seem right with the government

Telling us all to become college students

What money should I use to do that


Perhaps I could take up a job

Making my GPA drown in the swamp

And assuring I never get a real job


In this cycle I'm not alone

The other option is student loans 

But speaking of debts to own


Good old Uncle Sam is notorious

For sinking in debt he's always victorious

If he lent me money that would be glorious


But I know that he'd simply refuse

For he has so many neices and nephews

Wouldn't care if this one he were to lose


Good old Uncle Sam

Always there when you need him

Maybe if you were willing to go to 'Nam


Because if you fight for him of course he'll support

And I'd never want veterans to be sold short

But it seems a little sadistic of sorts


To ask your nephews to go to war

To get the education that they deserve

Because to everyone that hungers education should be served


There should be no charge to become a member of society

Paying off student debts just for propriety

Hoping someday I'll be a person that matters to this country


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