You make me scream until my lungs hurt.

Every time I see you I fantasize smashing your face in the dirt.

Punching you until my knuckles bleed.

Payback for  all of the pain that you caused and all of the hurt.

I hate you for what you did.

You piece of shit, who hits a kid?

For what it’s worth you shouldn’t even be walking this earth.

When I am through with you no one will even recognize you.

I’m getting you back for all the times you hit me for no good reason.

For the that time you beat me so bad I had internal bleeding.

For the many days I went without seeing, because my eyes were swollen shut.

Calling me out of school so you did not have to explain the cuts.

I am going to do what you did to me.

Maybe that will set my anger free.

Maybe than I will find relief.

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Our world
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In the name of love, by God!  So much hate that you show, that's your love.  Thank you for a hug from that love, which you surely have.  They love you, they love you too and don't hate .... hate is love poorly managed.

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