Patiently Waiting

I'm sorry...Yes that's how I 

should start, I'm sorry 

for what I've done wrong and 

for what I have yet to mess up on.

 I know your sensitive,

 I know I can be brash,

But, I know that I love you

And I hope you can forgive me

 Now. Now. I need to tell you 

 I need you to know. 

I need your big blue eyes, 

I need your smile and I know, 

I know it's cliché but I don't care because, 

It's true. 

I know. I know, 

it's my word against the world  

and there are others who might claim- 

claim to love you more, but I'm  

still here, and I'll stay here 

Because You 

You are worth waiting for.


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