Who knows what this new year holds before me...
It can be adventures or maybe even my own destiny.
Either way this year is my last to live my wildest fears and to achieve my hopeless dreams.

This is the year everyone wants to reach
Now thankfully I can say that I've made it to haven.
The one exciting thing this last year holds is the final key to my unopened door and unlocked memories I'll forever hold.

This is the year I can leave my past behind and create a new
In tribute to the journey I've gone through.
This is my pathway, walked along the sea of red below the stage.
The bright colors of dreamers, go-getters, and achievers.

This is our year now, one that we will make legendary.
This is the year of 2015 that will leave behind a history of no other.
A pathway that would hopefully lead those watching towards their own journey of success.

All that is left to say is that the road was rough, the turns were conquered, and now the seas are calm.
This is our new pathway, our time has come.


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