A path most wouldnt take


I tooke a pth most wouldn't

its calm and familiar to me

although most would disagree

many can't handle the path i take in life

filled with darkness but light all around

i always see the light on my path eventhough,

i always stay closer to the darknes.

darkness keeps me experencing danger

the light keeps me alive yet never truly living

if you hold my hand i can show you the light in darkness

most can't see it but you could if you only knew.

Your kind is so amuzed

yet still confused by what you live with

i know the pain in life

the ups and downs my path will take

so i walk on the sharp unforgiving rocks in the dark

instead of the smooth walkway filled with light

yet i know someday i'll end in the same place as you

eventhough i chose a path most wouldnt take.



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