The Path I Choose

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 22:23 -- -AE

ahead was two paths,
'the path of good and evil' as they say,
but my choice was not that simple,
to live in misery with a soul and be in pain daily,
or to live without a soul and feel no pain,
but having no soul as they say takes away emotions,
yeah I feel no pain but bones still break and I still bleed,
for I'm human you see,
I'm made of flesh and blood the same as you,
I just chose to be detached from the world to keep from getting hurt,
I don't know love or what it's like,
all I know is a hollow feeling and fake smiles,
but even if I had a soul I'd have had no choice for who would love a beast,
someone supposed to be locked away,
they whisper as I walk by,
"isn't that the girl?"
"the psychotic one?"
"yeah the one who should be locked away?"
I act as though I don't hear them,
and pretend to not care,
but no matter how hard I try I always slip,
so as they say I chose the path of evil to live with no soul,
no emotion,
I walk with no shame,
down the path of my choice,
to the tragic ending that awaits me.

forever alone in the world of others that don't belong in an area with the beast.



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