A Past We shared


A Past We Shared

            We use to be exemplary

            Our matters were trivial

            Breaking so we were

            Trust turned sour


            Despondent, puerile, and pungent

            A timeless time before destruction


            The storm conquered our relationship


            Wrecked, ravaged, you became reclusive

            The diabolical snag

            Dug deep, bled red

            Mundane yet brisk


            Like a hurricane, it washed out what was left

            Alone I felt once it cleared

            Ruins became memories

            Lost echoes of my sadness


            We still subsist

            Parallel realms we dwell in

            Only one can coexist among the rest

            Clash and bash


            I still remember

            Before the storms overtook our posts

            We held so much

            A past we shared



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