Past Present Future

Poetry is

Past present future


Will be

Past present future

As some one with few talents

Poetry is my

Past present future



A little girl


Broken heart

Broken will

And a body that doesn't fit.


A little girl 

Able bodied

Broken home

And a mind that doesn't work.

A little girl

Not girl

She's not what you want

What I am,

Who I am,

Who am I?

A little girl

Daddy isn't home

Mommy's at work

Grandma can't breathe

Cousin's can't stay clean

Asking Pop for money he doesn't have.

A little girl

Hiding in a closet

Reading a dictionary

Sissy stole from the school

Its the only book we had

A little girl 

Too scared to speak

Because the only thing

Words got her in school

Was a beating

A little girl

Alone on the swings with a notebook

A little girl

No friend in sight

But a smile because when everyone else left her

The words are there



That little girl

Not little girl

Teenage boy

Too scared to piss in school

Because his body doesn't match

A teenage boy

Can't have a relationship

Because everyone chalks him up as a lesbian

Teenage boy

Failing grades

And his lungs don't work

Teenage boy

Chalking up for his sixth suicide attempt

in the same amount of years

Teenage boy

Only love 

A notebook


And a couple old dead guys

Teenage boy

Only friend 

The English teacher

Who taught him verse



A man

Chest flat

Home built

Honey at his side


Poetry drips like honey 

From his tongue

Because he can finally speak

A notebook

A little girl

A little girl 

Not girl


Teenage boy


Who I am

Who am I?

A poet

The poet

In a world of poets


Home of homes

In a notebook

Tattered and torn


Words and phrases


To awkward

He can only manage 

To speak in short sentences

A man


His only way of speech


His only love

A man

A broken heart

A filled notebook

And his lungs don't work

This poem is about: 
My family


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