Past, Present, Future

I am broken -
This is a world of beauty and respect,
Where lies are born and souls see neglect. 
There are people who have seen days play out worse, 
I too have join a life with a blank verse. 
I was questioned: Who am I?
Let me speak before I am seen as the bad guy.

I am frail -
As our lives frantically hide from tragedy, 
There is something heavier holding me down like gravity. 
A body that is brittle and vulnerable, 
One that longs to one day be strong and comfortable. 
Words thrown left and right to feel incompetent,
Living with nothing but worries and thoughts of concomitant.

I am unnoticed -
Living in a shadow that made me transparent,
Every action I committed made me abhorrent. 
I'm outlines in liquid ink, 
Soon to smear and soon to sink. 
The five senses fade till they are invisible, 
My mind has become a desert that is barren and inhospitable.

I am confident -
Spent a life of what felt like eternity, 
Living to only believe it was in harmony. 
A goal is set of breaking free from solitude, 
Yet, without the key the daily demons will intrude. 
Faith will shatter this poisonous cage, 
Since life is worth the hefty wage.

I am determined -
Recklessly experiencing a life to know which road, 
Shoulders bearing a heavy load. 
Moving faster than people could ever think, 
Careful, they'll miss their greatest gift if they blink. 
Difficulties mean stop and give up, 
Resides a burning core to never stop and have enough.

I am outspoken -
Let's enlighten the world with a tale,
One you'll acknowledge to be for sale. 
While it silences some to a deepening hue, 
This might be the last clue. 
Bearing a heart determined to be heard as it learns, 
While it seeks for what it yearns.

I am unique -
A future that has had a hard, long walk,
One worth the merry talk.
Though, it will define who we are,
I know one day I'll be the shining star. 
At times there will be a weakening battle,
Though I'll never flicker like a candle.

I am strong -
A fairy tale beginning with once upon a time, 
Surrounded with cowards and commanding crime. 
I'll show my painful art, 
To know I have had a beautiful start. 
Knowing that soon the night will fade, 
There will be a love that will never cascade.

I am beautiful -
The dark story enlightened, 
The weakened past has strengthened. 
The familiar tears have dried, 
With the now notorious smile prevented from its ability to hide. 
As the lyrics fade away,
Let's dance gently as the trees sway.

I Am Who I Am

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