Past, Present, & Future

Everything. Is. Awesome

It’s a foreign thought to admit that the world is awesome

A convoluted statement to understand the world of awesomeness

It’s true.

Everything. Is. Awesome

The past is composed of things you wish you could have done better

Time you wish you could restart

People you wish you had the courage to talk to


People you wish you never met

And alternate paths you wish you could have picked

The future is composed of things you yearn to have, but can't quite grasp

Events that haven’t yet arrived, full of dreading hope

And idle fantasies that linger behind closed eyes

However, the present is full of choices, time, and decisions

Choices to make so that you can live the life you dream about

Time to be the person you want to be

And decisions that will influence and guide your own happiness.

Everything is awesome when you choose to open the blinds that shield you from your past and future

The future is made up of a thousand nows.

Some people run from their past and take off right into the future only to get stuck in the present

But, if you stress about your past that's already happened

Worry about the future that has yet to come

Then you won’t be able to appreciate the now


Everything. Is. Awesome

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Our world


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