It’s another project, but this time, it’s personal.

Those are the worst kind.

Do what you like, do what you love, follow your passion!

Well, what are you grading me on?

That doesn’t matter. What’s your passion?

Passion? The last time I wrote about my passion, I got a big, fat F in my face.


You’re telling me to expose my heart, expose what I love,

What happens when what I love isn’t enough?

What if my passion isn’t a passion, according to you?

What if I’m not passionate enough about my passion?

What if I’m too scared to feel passion, too brainwashed to be passionate, too trapped in the system to understand what you mean when you say “follow your passion”.


Well, I’m certainly passionate about that, but that won’t get me an A.

That won’t let me into school to follow my passion

I’m not passionate enough about my passion.

I don’t have the drive, I don’t have the passion to go through more of this.

Or maybe I’m just not passionate.

What does that mean for me?


You tell me to follow my passion, expect that I’m so passionate there’s no way I won’t get an A-

But what you’re really doing is not grading how I do it,

But grading me and my passion.

If I don’t cry, if I haven’t bled, if I haven’t done everything I could to follow my passion when I’m still only a kid,

I’m not passionate enough.


There’s no passion boulevard, stop talking like it’s a street I can walk.

Passion isn’t Lassie leading me to little Timmy, stop telling me to follow it.

Passion isn’t puberty, stop telling me it’ll just happen.

It’s not a button, stop saying it’ll click,

It’s not a tree, stop saying it’ll grow.

It’s not alive, it can’t live or die.

Passion is a trait, not an organ, maybe I don’t have it.


Or maybe I do, and it’s too offensive for your delicate minds to comprehend.

Maybe I’m passionate about my own emotions.

What if I can’t write about my feelings, because I’m a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode and incinerate everything in my path?

Perhaps I am too brazen to get a good grade.

Mayhaps I’m right, and you just don’t want to say.

What is passion?

What’s it worth?

Nothing, if you can’t say it right- otherwise you’re just going to get hurt.


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