Partial Fright

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 05:39 -- Ekow

Seen rooted with people identified as allies, hindering the being of mine from advancing towards you. Stood still listening to your euphonious voice as you talk, causes a throb in the ponderous heart of mine that can never be moved by any situation. Sighted you looking at the exterior side of the abode where I ground, with that smile of yours right unraveling before me, makes me check my pulse to be sure if an iota of life remains in the seemingly lifeless being of mine. You, why you, why are your peculiarities causing a stupendous and prodigious figure of mine to look as a smidgen of water smothering the egregious fire of the sun. What have been imposed into your splendorous being that will not allow me rest till I locate it and it in turn remains in my tenacious hands. A dint of courage engulfs my being, mystically motioning me towards you. My being demurring to succumb to the quest it desires not sure, but somehow someway the force so ferocious that in a jiffy my being looms before you. Looking straight into your diaphanous eyes I utter a faint hi!! and in a split seconds my being dematerialize, knowing not what happens next.

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