Paradox is the human life
To strife for what is good peaceful
However whatever causes it can too cause its opposite

A mother can love her child and her child makes her more than happy. Her child however could get hurt or make bad choices, thus making her unhappy, sad, or furious, and vice versa. A paradox of the human life.

Paradox is the human life
To want what's positive
To reject what's negative
However whatever it does can cause the opposite.

More example could be given. Such as two lovers who drive each other to insanity. Such as two brothers who compete intensely. Such as two friends who confuse morality.
In the end though, all of them are paradoxes.

For paradox is the human life
To give
To get
However whatever causes it can cause too its opposite.

Paradox is having the person you want most to say let go of the people those which impede in your joy. Not having the person impedes your joy. Having to let go of who you want most is paradox.

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