By: Peyton Moore and Lua Varner


Black ink

Carefully stenciled onto

Thin yellow paper

News headlines

We read desperate for a difference

In news


“Not one more story” she screams

Cause one more means

another man to be afraid of

Another woman caught against her will

Another newspaper writing the same story

After story


Constantly I wonder if the next story will be mine

You see,

1 in 3 women encounter a man

Unprepared for plans that he stands for

And, while getting sexually assaulted

Is nobodies plan so,


Why do I keep seeing these headlines?

Headline after headline



think I’m handed to you on a silver platter

My misery not rationalized


commit to defy


Objectifying my


Heart like a sea of flames

Burning till I’ve charcoalized

My insides


No, not silver.

Gold -

En State killer

Tarnished California hearts

Stealing gold n silver


Disregard my tears


His job was to protect

Instead he objectified woman after woman

After woman after woman


His life

Turned into a life of greed

His first victim

Attacked in the 70’s

She hasn’t forgotten


Hear our voices.


If You can’t provide

The protection we’re needing

Why cant you start retreating

like we retreat

From you

Because you keep succeeding


Exceedingly slowly

This movement has risen

Times Up hasn’t taken its toll

Avoid the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world


James Franco

Larry Nassar

Bill Cosby

Robin Thicke

Name after name


But how to escape from the inevitable

Plans that they stand for

I don't want to be reduced to a news headline


But fear engulfs my


Brain crumbling into gray dust

Only the

Crowned king of direction



Loving father, but a monster

He says “I will ruin your career if you don’t do as I say.”

He says “I will kill you, don’t think I can’t”

her suffering won’t end after the night that it happens

Your words burn into her like scorching black coffee


Her tears hot,


flood to the floor.


Faulty immaturity

bouncing off her


melts into wax

Blacks out history


hopes for her future



You never stopped to think that this might ruin her life

Like it should ruin yours


Salma Hayek

Cara Delevingne

Angelina Jolie

Aly Raisman

Victim after victim


No other woman should have to say “me too” again


It’s just another empty headline to you

But it’s her story

Her monster

Her Assaulter




We are here to face you

you can see she has regained her strength

She is no longer a victim

But a survivor


Survivor after survivor

Warning signs

Cascade down

Fiery rooftops

She’d never be lying

If she came out as

A raped woman


But the tables have turned

We have found our voices

Now it’s time for you to listen


Don’t domesticate us

we’re not animals

Baby check your nature

Oh, and don’t call me baby


Hotel rooms are not offices

Don’t omit the assault you committed

Because who would lie about something so,


This is not a moment

It’s her movement

Why don’t I see raging hunger inside

Our eyes for improvement


If there's any misconception

Read between blurred lines

And redirect your

perception personified


Paper cuts pry

Ugly words from pages

blood seeping through

The roots of our history

Stages filled with womens


The sky shaded with

black ravens


One for every woman

With a story


Highlighted auburn waves

She picks up a trashed newspaper

Dated October fifth, 2017

Redlined lips gawking

As the ink she reads


Headline after headline

Shimmering copper brown eyes widen

Turning to grey

Dimming at the sight

Headline after headline

Glass half full heart


Headline after headline


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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