Paper Bag

Your construction is simple and your purpose transparent,

Your design lacks sophistication, and your identity is apparent.

You are not cherished china or the popular monthly mag,

You’re nothing more than a paper bag.


You are one of countless, have a dull hue,

And people commonly use you

To carry items that often number few

After paying the price that was due.


However, the price for which you were sold

And the valuable items that make you whole

Suddenly transfer you to a position of purpose

For which the buyer seeks to breach the surface

Of  a sea of needs that is satisfied

By the paper bag with which they are supplied.


You see, though the items you hold may not be many,

The issues that they eliminate are plenty.

You are filled with healthy produce

That will serve to reduce

Thirst with refreshing juice

Or hunger with nutritious fruits.


Or maybe you’re filled with medicine

That causes agonizing pains to lessen,

Puts an end to excessive stressin’,

Or salves wounds with a mending pressin’.


Paper bag buyers use you to contain necessary goods,

Because they trust your protective covering will hood

Their vital items from exposure to a harmful atmosphere

That is oh so sure to swiftly smear

Their treasured belongings with tainting contaminants

That spoil your contents, reducing you to the same inanimate

Item that you were before finding functionality

Through your significant assets, which made your goal a reality.


This is why it is a must that your products be preserved,

For they are precious items that are reserved

For those in need of healthy development

That keeps them within their element.


So understand that what you carry

Was bought by someone who sought to parry

The heavy blows of desperation,

For without substance and operation

You’re just a paper bag.


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