Papa's Pennies


Papa’s Pennies

Boisterous, brimming & busy

Familiar aroma of fried dough & cotton candy

Intertwined with papa, who was always quite handy

Rambling & marching to the elephant ear stand

Papa with his pennies chiming together in his hand

That white-haired man always counted exact change

From dimes & quarters to pennies being arranged,

Saving one lucky penny for me to exchange

Shiny copper coins were so magical at the fair

Providing snacks, rides & a golden yellow balloon that matched my curly hair

The sun beamed down on the brim of his hat

His rare laugh made the crowd seem quiet & matte

Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead

& left me wondering how wearing jeans in July was not dread

Papa’s head was eternally covered in a hat,

Plaid draped over his back

& a yahtzee he never lacked

My day at the Riverfront fair will not be compared

The day lucky pennies were shared

Now, I’m much older from the summer day at the fair

& my Papa has passed

But, his trail of copper coins has & will outlast

I kept one in my pocket on my driver’s test

& one in my sock during the ACT quest

& I know when I walk the stage at graduation, the path to my first interview & the aisle at my wedding

My Papa will shower me in lucky pennies to no end

& I will keep a special place in the pocket beneath my heart

For them to transcend




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