Pandora's Box

Beauty on the outside

What surprises wait within?

Behold the box you see it's not really me

Inside I hide my darkest demise 

Shock and bewilderment will compell the eye

Oh my! Oh my! 

Did you not see Did you not see

Of course you didnt because its not me

Showing off my pearly whites

Only to keep you distracted 

Just so im not so transpatent

Cover it up Cover it up 


If it all falls out my world will be destroyed

Timid and shy your not allowedd to get so close

Hide the bruises hide the pain lock it up and throw it away 

Hide in the box I know it's small but it keeps you from showing alot

Pile everything in it and keep it locked

But the box overfills and everything falls out 

Leaking, falling across the ground

The pieces of me must not be exposed 

but its too late its too late everybody knows

My pearly whites dont shine anymore......


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