Palm Reader

Sat, 10/20/2012 - 08:13 -- CarlyG


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(poems go here) I am a palm reader
I know every story you have to tell
I feel your every scar
my finger brushes over them trying to erase their pain.
Your calluses tell me stories of treachery and triumph
of chivalry and perseverance.
Your blister tells me a tale of failures.
The forgotten words are spelled out into my ear
until I know your hidden loves, your fears,
and wistful tears

I am palm reader
I feel your fingers tremble
as they slip perfectly into mine
your round painted pink nails sweep my skin in a tremulous feat.
You barely move
and we cross oceans to meet.
You touch my thumb carefully, breathing your finger across my skin
Something is about to begin.

I am palm reader
your freckle is the same as your brother's and mother's
your veins grow bluer and your hand tightens into mine forever entwined in a mess tempers and love notes
your fingers are bitten and bleeding
I see nerves and a breathless nervous heart beating
You are scared.
I am too.
but your hand fits so well in mine
and it tells me you love me one more time

I am a palm reader
wrinkles cover every inch of your skin and my wrinkles match.
In your sunspots,
I see shores and mountains.
I see every place we have been
Your blister is gone
Your nails are naked, breathing the free air
Your freckle is on our daughter's hand
and your fingers still tremble as your
hand fits perfectly into mine.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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