The Palm That Changed Me

Sometimes, I wished that I can hold your hand,

with our fingers interlocking,

time just stopping,

and I was wondering, if you'd be okay with that?

Because when your palm is pressed against mine,

our worlds seem to collide,

and you always got me so blind-ed by that 

star-filled gaze that constantly left me in a matr-ix

of feeling so alive,

and realizing that I,

never wanted to leave this moment behind.

But, one day, instead of giving me your hand, you gave me your heart to hold,

and I always thought that, that was so bold of you,

since I only ever asked for your hand,

and never seemed to understand why.

So, I took the challenge anyways,

hoping my own boldness would be the reason you'd stay with me.

But, as I held onto your heart, it tore me apart,

as it kept beating, faster and faster and faster


until it jumped out of mine and into the hands of another

and I blamed myself afterwards,

as I replayed in my head all of our moments together,

and analyzed on what could have gone better.

But, these are the days where I thank you for that,

because YOU were Love knocking at my door when I didn't have a welcome mat,

and when I left that door, 

I saw the world so much different than before,

but when YOU left,

I thought i'd fall into my same old ways

because life with you went at such a fast pace,

as I transitioned from running to walking


and slower and slower 

until I finally stopped, and decided to look up,

at the beautiful sky above.

See, I thought I was only able to see the stars in your eyes,

leading me to forget that the entire night sky,

was above me this whole time

and that's alright.

Since you gave me a glimpse of the constellations

and now I am left in amazement, every single time I look up

and I think i'm never going to stop

believing that Love never knocks at the wrong time,

but it takes opening your eyes and healing on the inside to realize,

that one day the stars will align, for you.


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Mystical Mermaid

this is such a moving and touhcing poem. I can feel the sadness but i can still feel the postive. this encourged me to look at my realtionship in a different view.


I'm so happy that this poem helped you! Thank you for your heartwarming comment :)

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