Paint Me the Truth

Paint a picture for me
Color me
    In it
As the lovable artist,    
    kiss it,
And as for your poetic assignment,
I'll write the
    story as we 
Finished it.    
Paint a flower for me
Smell the amour in the
    Tiger lily
Feel the silent torture 
of the concrete rose as its
    tears draw el rojo de la sangre, the red blood
As the lovable artist,

    Nurse to its afflictions, still suffering
And as your poetic genius,
I'll inscribe its dulces, canciones caprichosas, sweet and whimsical songs
torpor fear of keeping its
everlasting charisma deeply
Paint yourself in the
tall, vain canvas for me
to amaze in my wealthy walls
Forever in my art gallery in my soft spot
As the lovable artist yourself,
Define the details with your 
Sharpest paintbrush with your
Finest and rich colors
As your your poetic pupil,
I'll stare as the colors enter your 
heart as a robot to electricity, 
You display a tear of relief 
As if you got over an
I'm too shunned to inscribe
about you with me
My notebook, fall from my
hands, claiming a leap of faith but
Landed on the cold floors of lost hope,
Mouth wide open
Eyes, exposed with 
Beautiful mistakes.
Legs, fail to function with my voice of
Reasoning to stand in awe instead of sinking
    platform of jealously.
I solemnly glared at the picture
Forming the true you and her
The girl of your dreams, you hugged with
the rays of confidence
and kissed her with a commitment,
You state into my eyes and shed 
little tears with solid emotion like you were saying,
"I'm sorry to hurt you."
I cried profusely at the
platform of jealously as
my notebook softly spoke in the
mist of my bitter tears,
"Art is
    made to express the mind, soul,
               and heart.
So, in a way, He's painting you
the Truth."
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