Painful Sharp Stinging: A Fear of Needles

It was a sunny summer day, I was playing outside with my sister in our backyard my parents cleaning the garage out before the end of the season.

A yellow and black flying bug appeared, a big bee and fuzzy. I was young only around the age of five.

I was trying to chase the bee, fearing for its life it stung me. It stung and hurt so bad I was crying. 

It stung me between my thumb and index finger that little bit of skin on my small child hands.

My parents came over and asked what was wrong, I told them a bee stung me.

They then looked at my hand and then grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and applied it to my hand.

I then gained a fear of needles which I eventually overcame in my older years. 

Every time I saw a bee after that I cried and tried to move away as fast as I could without disrupting the bees I saw. 

It all got better when I got older I learned that my fear could not hurt me anymore so I overcame it. 

I eventually got piercings which hurt a little, but not that bad like my septum, industrial, and nostril piercings. 

I also did the blood drive at my school twice.

So the moral of the poem is don't let your fears stop you from living your life because you have the strength to be stronger and eventually face your fears because it can be empowering for others.     










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