A painful memory

The hurt the pain
Lives of black childrens father's
Taken carlessly with a gun
Gun praised by the land of the free

Bringing back a painful memory
Of the run away slave
Chased down by hound dogs
Caught and killed hung infront of his own.

His own family his kin
His mother cries quietly
She can't do a thing
Let's go back deeper

Going back Further.
Into the home of the brave
Where they would trow uncooperative
Slaves right off the ship.

Where they would drown
And be mawled apart
By the great whites following
Secretly, soundlesly

If you pay attention
You can see the color change
Light blue to a dark red
You can probably hear the screams

The screams of the victim
Now his son cries
For he witnessed his father die for
He tried not too but he couldn't keep it in

That's the real reason the rummor stands
Black people can't swim
Or was it because black babies
Were used as Alligator bait

Makes you wonder how we are
One nation under god
With liberty and
Justice for all

Maybe justice for one
Justice for none
Ok let's stop exaggerating
Justice for some

Maybe we should
Take his name out the anthem
Only because he's probably ashamed
My king. Has to look down on sorry us

On sorry me
Angels probably cry when they see our
never ending movie
Tittled painful memory.

All starting from
When they put a gun to his face
Threw him off a ship blood in the waves
Now his son watches

Grew up to be a father
And a run away slave
Hung in front of his own wife and kids
Right after the dogs searched for him

Mother now watches painfully
As her child now has a rope on his neck
To get fed to the Alligator
We were always a target

These chain of events all lead down
To me where I put my hand over my heart. Singling "And the land of the free
And the home of the brave"

Such a painful memory.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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