Pain You Caused


United States
38° 34' 35.8104" N, 95° 16' 6.3984" W

You don't even notice that i cry.
You don't even try.
You are so oblivious to my fears.
Could care less about my tears.
You will probably never even know.
Because it is something i will never even show.
I bet you find it fun all that you have done.
My heart now has a stain.
Caused by all of your pain.
You definitely left an everlasting mark.
leaving my soul forever dark.
I live in hell everyday.
It just has to be this way.
Its not just what you say or do.
Its everything about you.
Its in black and white.
Right here in plain sight.
You are too blind to see.
What all you have done to me.
Its all so clear.
You just need to look in the mirror. here

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