The Pain of Loosing A Child!


Losing someone special breaks your heart. 

It rips you apart. 

Imagine that someone being your child. 

Tears feel your eyes and your mind goes wild. 

Although they say it's not your fault.

Still you can't let go causing a major default. 

No one understands no one cares. 

Your mood changes and it's just not fair.

Your life has been destroyed leaving you feeling blue.

Your lost and you no longer have a clue. 

I looked over at you, but only pretended to have smiled. 

I have lost my everything I have lost my child. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



About a month ago I found out that I was possibly having a miscarriage no one could tell me for sure. Unfortunately I did end up losing my child and although I will never forget my child I know I must move on I wrote this poem to explain some of the feelings a miscarriage can cause. I hope one day to help others in this same situation, because no one should have to go through it alone. 

It's Me Cheyenne

I've just went through the same thing. I know it hurts and wish i still had her with me. I hope that you read my poem as well.... 

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