I need pain
I need the sting of being forgotten to plunge through my heart like an anticipated dagger, bloody and accustomed to
I need the loneliness of 18 years to cloud my vision and steal my carefully wrapped emotions away
I need heartbreak
I need the stir crazy butterflies with their wings wilting to die within me
That's what It feels like
Heartbreak feels like the devil had no mercy on your soul
Like he danced with barbed tap shoes within your chest
I need that feeling
I need that pain in order to sing the sweet song of poetry across continents
I need pain and tragedy as an artist
I need emotions so I can empty myself onto blank pages
I need to be relieved
Without pain there is no relief
Without poetry I would be full
An overflowing vessel of helplessness
Blindly searching for that familiar pain
Lost within the taverns of myself
Begging and pleading to die inside just once more
So I can write again

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