Yes, I am called a witch,

And sometimes I am not,

yes I do magick, but it is through rituals and such

No I do not worship the devil, nor any demons

That is not wicca, that is not pagan,

I wish that once, before people refer to the cliches,

They would look and see what I am,

Before they stand before me with stupid questions

They would think about if this would hurt me

Before people say this isn't a religion

They would review their history, and know that this religion came before Christianity

It's called the old religion,

Do you want to know why?

People worship the gods and goddesses from the pantheons of life,

Theres Egyptian, greek, Roman, Aztec, Celtic, Persian, just to name a few

With only one thing to follow, one simple rule

There's Wicca, and Thelema and hundreds of others too,

Paganism's just an umbrella term, for so many religions, woot

But no one knows anything

No one does care

I've been called many names, hell I've been there

But before you be mean

Before you try to recruit

I am a pagan,

and that is the truth

I don't want to be christian

I will not convert

So please stop asking me,

And just leave me be,

Stop being mean,

Yelling blasphemy!

Most of you don't follow the rules

set out by society

There is a line that I must draw

Between what it is you think of me

But there is but one truth

I am pagan

That will not change

that will not die

I am pagan

and in here?

I do not lie.


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